Hitesh Diwwasaliwala

Insurance Guru
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There are thousands of Insurance agency in India but none of them operate the way Diwwasaliwala Insurance does. With more than 500 Groups of Families and 10+ Crores claims settled, this Insurance agency has proof that it delivers exactly what it promises.

The brain-child behind this agency is Mr. Hitesh Diwwasaliwala. Mr. Hitesh Diwwasaliwala joined his family’s textile business at a very young age of 17 years. However, he realized that this wasn’t his calling. He finally realized that he is destined to be in the Insurance Industry and set up his own company in 2006.

He currently runs the business with a well-trained and dedicated team of 6 members including him. And when we say “well-trained”, we mean it; because at Diwwasaliwala Insurance, the staff members receive periodic training in the field of insurance and related technologies. 

The company operates with the motto of “Right advice and Right guidance”. Mr. Hitesh has been also accorded with numerous awards. 

Diwwasaliwala Insurance provides a whole range of services from Life insurance, Health Insurance,, Fire Insurance, Worker Insurance, Liability Insurance and Travel Insurance. Another area of key services provided by them is of “spot service” in the time claims. Whenever the event of a claim arises, the Insurance professionals from “Diwwasaliwala Insurance” arrive at the spot and get the job done. Apart from that, Mr. Hitesh Manharbhai Diwasaliwala is also a member of various business organization like BNI Surat, Chmaber of Commerce and Surat Textile Club. 

The company is a flag bearer of Digital India initiative as their entire work process is managed digitally with no physical documentation required. Add Doorstep service and 24/7 availability to the list and you have got yourself the perfect Insurance Service provider in Diwwasaliwala Insurance. Along with handling business, Mr. Hitesh Diwwasaliwala is extensively involved in social activities. He is currently the Vice President of Lions club of Surat. 

Diwwasaliwala Insurance really value their clientele and work with a belief that “once a client has chosen them, that client should never have to go anywhere else”.

  • Mediclaim
  • Car Insurance
  • Bike Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Worker Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Retirement Plans
  • Tax Plans
  • Marriage Plans
  • Child Education Plans
  • Investment Plans
  • Wealth Creation Plans
Corona Kavach Policy
Vehicle Insurance
Term Insurance
Fire Insurance

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